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Luxury four star accommodation in Cape Town

With such an assortment of locations for you to go on holiday, you’ll want to avoid any nasty surprises when your vacation destination isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be; which is why it is always a good choice to decide on a location which has stood the test of time.

Originally founded in 1871 as the Royal Hotel, what is now known as Hout Bay Manor was reopened in October 2007 as an ideal getaway for honeymooners looking to immerse themselves in romance, as well as for those looking for a relaxing, pampered holiday from their busy lives.

Nestled in the fishing village of Hout Bay, this luxurious hotel provides a scenic and tranquil escape from day-to-day mundanities while providing its guests with gracious accommodation, exquisite cuisine and an unforgettable spa retreat.

Accomodation in Hout Bay Manor

Since its 18-month refurbishment in 2007, each of the 16 luxury rooms at Hout Bay Manor are elegantly designed after a Cape-colonial style that is reminiscent of South Africa’s rich history and beauty.

Each suite, whether in the luxurious and picturesque ‘Xhosa’ rooms, or the ‘Zulu’ suites which open up into lush, sprawling gardens and pools, is carefully designed to evoke feelings of tranquillity and exclusivity with wooden floors, free-standing baths and breath-taking finishes.

The majestic ‘Sangoma’ suites overlook pools from spacious balconies while providing unrivalled privacy for either a honeymooning couple or a family.

More than just fine Dining

Hout Bay Manor’s dining facilities at the ‘Pure’ restaurant provides an array of delicious meals and snacks which are available at any time of day, and can be prepared to guest specifications. Enjoy sipping tea in lush gardens, feasting on fine food or winding down at sunset with a refreshing drink.

The restaurant is also available for parties, weddings, galas and end of year functions; making it the ideal location for fine dining and gatherings.

Treat your mind, body and spirit

What would a romantic and relaxing getaway be without the inclusion of a luxury spa? At Hout Bay Manor’s ‘Inzolo wellness suite’ you can indulge in an exclusive menu of massages and treatments that will leave you feeling wholly rejuvenated.

Make a booking today

If you would like to make reservations or enquiries about accommodation at Hout Bay Manor, or would like to know more about the facilities available at this wonderful location, be sure to check the Hout Bay Manor website for details; or give them a call for more information, pricing and availability.


The Star rating system for hotels.

There isn't really a correct answer when it comes to the rating of a hotel or guest house. . The five-star restaurant and hotel standards vary for people depending on their own personal requirements and expectations.

Below we have a summary of some important criteria to have in place when offering luxury accommodation:

1. The service given to people that make them feel like stars is extremely important. When you get the feeling that the staff absolutely love their jobs, this is five-star, when they want to please the guests even if it means going out of their way, wanting to go that extra mile for the guests.

2. Hotels where the staff are dressed formal and professional, and where they are happy to cater to the guests every want and need. Ensuring that cocktails are served on a tray and high tea is served using silver and pressed white linen.

3. Decor and cleanliness are big five-star factors as well as attention to detail. The room should have a spacious feel to it with ironed linen and preferably a beautiful view. The bathrooms should be neat and tidy, you shouldn't have to stretch to get to the soap or dry yourself with a scratchy towel.

4. Five-star services requires effort from the staff to try their best to understand the needs of each guest being served, service should be tailored to the specifications of the guest.

5. With five-star service you shouldn't have to negotiate or explain yourself to the personnel because at a five-star establishment they should have already calibrated their service to the very highest level.

6. Five-star restaurants should be flawless when it comes to service and food. There is usually a large group of staff members who serve the meals but it is choreographed to seem as though only one person is waiting on you. Noise should be kept to a minimum, food should not take unusually long and when asked for the bill, it should be brought to the table in a timely manner.

Hout Bay Manor located in the picturesque fishing village of Hout Bay, is renowned as one of Cape Town’s most graceful landmarks and was reopened on 26 October 2007 after an extensive 18 month refurbishment. We offer luxury accommodation and five-star service, ensuring that each and every one of our guest are well looked after. Contact us or visit our website for more information.


5 Advantages Of Staying At A Guesthouse Over A Hotel


Are you in need of a holiday? Are you looking for a decent place to stay? If you are traveling to a metro city like Johannesburg then staying in a hotel in such a city can certainly be expensive for many of us.

With many options to choose from, staying in a guest house is always a good one. No matter if it is a guest house in Johannesburg or in Cape Town, guest houses will always have some great advantages over a hotels.

Listed below are some of the great benefits which can make your stay at a guest house memorable compared to a hotel.

  • Guest Houses Are Cheaper  - when comparing most guesthouse prices to that of a     hotel you will in most cases notice guesthouses are considerably cheaper,   especially in popular travel destinations. This, however, does not mean you will be receiving lower quality service in any aspect.


  • Personalized Service – a great benefit of staying at a guesthouse is that the service is often more personalized than in a hotel. With fewer guests usually staying at a guesthouse, it means the level of service received by guests will be more attentive. Thus ensuring the guests receive the treatment they truly deserve.


  • Perfect Venue For Business Meetings – in case you are visiting a city for business purposes, a guesthouse can be the perfect venue for business meetings, with the extra privacy and personalized service available, hosting your meetings at the guesthouse could be the added cherry on top.


  • Quicker Check-Ins And Check Outs – With fewer rooms and fewer guests staying at guesthouses it provides a peaceful, relaxing environment to quickly and easily check in and check out.


  • Home Away From Home – Besides all the other benefits, staying at a guesthouse gives you a way more personal, being at home feeling that is not always present in hotels.


Houtbay Manor

When visiting in or around Houtbay and you feel like a more personalized accommodation experience be sure to visit us at Houtbay Manor Guesthouse for the best stay and service.


What Makes a Restaurant Family Style?

Casual style dining is known as anything between fast food and fine dining. When it comes to family style dining the trademarks may include:

·         Table service, rather than service from a counter

·         Moderately priced menu

·         Full bar, usually separate from the dining room


Although at some family style restaurants they offer a limited selection of alcohol, focusing on wine and beer rather than any of the hard liquors. Often you will need a different type of liquor license for this and it is usually less costly.

When it comes to service at a family style restaurant, the traditional way of serving food is on platters and at diners you serve yourself. You can still see this type of dining at traditional Chinese and Korean restaurants. Olive Garden built a beautiful and very successful campaign on their family style dining, the tagline being "When you're here, you're family" serving unlimited salad and bread in platters for the entire table. Today it is not very common for a family style restaurant to serve their guests individual entrees already plated.

At strange as it might sound, family style works for catered events as well. When offering catering services at a restaurant, family style dining will work every time, it works well for small to medium sized groups of people, as it is easier to simultaneously feed fifty people if you only have to make 10 salads and not fifty different salads.

There are both pros and cons when it comes to family style restaurants, just like every different type of restaurant concept, family dining has many benefits and also some drawbacks. With large platters of food there isn't much portion control and it can get messy, unlike when you have your meals on individual plates. Family style dining does also require a group decision of what will be ordered, which can sometimes be challenging.

Benefits of a family style restaurant include the atmosphere which is relaxed where the customers have more control over what they want to eat. If it's done correctly a family style restaurants menu can have a better food cost than a traditional menu. It  usually caters very well to families with groups of friends or children. Family style, which has become more popular and trendy throughout the country, offering a change from all of the business like restaurants that have been popular for the last few years.

It doesn't matter what concept you decide to go for, the basics of a successful restaurant remain the same, great food, great service and great people.

The Pure restaurant at Hout Bay Manor is a rustic family style restaurant that offers culinary experiences that will tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy the tranquillity of the tea gardens, seated on the terrace or dining in the Pure restaurant are just some of the experiences that this hidden gem has to offer at Hout Bay Manor.